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Hip Hop Stool


99% of virgin plastic gives these chairs more sustainability. The plastic is hard enough to stay new for as long as you can imagine. Moreover, there is no chance of them breaking or even getting cracked. Hence, they are reliable for extended use.
Well, if these reasons are not enough to convince you to buy our hip hop stool chairs, then here are added points to persuade you.

Easy maintenance
One of the best things about our stool chairs is their easy maintenance. The food-grade plastic makes it easier to clean. Even the use of water can not damage the plastic or discolor the material. So, swipe a wet cloth over the chair or wash them entirely.

Moreover, there is no chance of dust to settle on them and stay. By just rubbing off a dry cloth will do the trick to clean the dirt.

Eco friendly
All our products, including our stylish hip hop stool chairs, are BPA-free and FDA-approved, which means they are safe for any use. It is safe for human contact and has no toxicants to harm anyone’s health, especially children.

Suitable Anywhere
What makes these chairs a perfect buddy for your home is their versatility. These stools suit your living rooms, bedroom, or even work in the kitchen. You can place these stools in the living room or use them as the kitchen island seating. The choice is yours!

So, without wasting any more time, visit our online store and buy these stunning stools right now.

Perfect height for everyone to sit comfortably.
Bright color and minimalist design make it an attractive addition to your interior.
Ergonomic Shape.
Light Weight, makes it easy to change placement.
Environmental friendly.
99% Pure Virgin Plastic
FDA Approved, Food Grade Material & ECO Friendly
BPA free and non Toxic


31 × 31 × 44 cm
Dark Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow

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