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Kiddy Book Table


With our modern and exclusive kiddy book tables homework has become as easy as ABC. These portable tables are for all supermoms who have had enough of the mess kids create while studying at home.

There is not one but several advantages of having these lap desks for kids. The comprehensive features of these desks set them apart from other tables for children anywhere. So, no more worrying and only studying

Kiddy Table Features
Kiddy Book Tables
Our Kiddy tables offer features and qualities like no other lap desk. Everything about them is unique and affirms a reason to buy them.

Easy Portability
What could be better than placing the study table of your kid anywhere in the house? The lightweight plastic makes our portable desk easy to move around anywhere and any place.

Children can study in any room they want, sit on a bed, or even on the carpet without hunching or getting tired.

Compact Built
One of the most prominent features of our Kids Book desk is its compact design. The on-point dimensions make these desks neither big nor too small to handle. They are seamless for young students.

Moreover, the stackable design is perfect for saving space and gives room to keep more items. Hence an ideal study buddy.

Resourceful Usage
The style of the Appollo Houseware study table for children is a wish-come-true for parents and students alike. The two side compartments give this style an edge over any other lap desk that helps to keep all stationery organized in one place.

Durable Design
Appollo’s products are ideal when it comes to durability. The anti-slip bottom and good-grade plastic material help in making our portable study tables more desirable.

The sustainability of our desks is assessable through their stability and sturdiness. Kids can easily use them without being interrupted to set their tables repeatedly. Also, they are perfectly able to bear a considerable amount of load without breaking or cracking. Hence, smooth study time.

Multipurpose Functionality
The functionality of any product is the most precious quality for Appollo Houseware. Luckily, our Kids plastic Tables are a perfect example of it.

Children are not limited to only placing their books on the table. These desks are useful as a laptop stand and even has compartments to keep a cellphone or a tablet.

Not to mention, the purpose is not only for children to finish homework but also to use the tables for drawing or even ensembling their toys.

Vibrant Color
The vibrant color is a planned attribute of the Kiddy Study Tables. It keeps children interested and invested. The smooth outer layer and bright colors, like orange, blue, yellow, and green, bring more focus and attention. Perfect for grasping the attention of students.

Kiddy Table Benefits
Why Buy Our Kiddy Book Tables?
If you are still wondering why to buy these tables, then there are a few bonus points for you to consider.

Best for Children
The focal benefit of these Kiddy portable table is that it keeps your child in one place. Kids don’t have to move here and there when they are doing their homework. There will be no mess together later on or a chance of losing things.
Kids feel relaxed without having to feel tired. They can also stretch their legs, thanks to the hollow center.

Safe Edges
No one wants their kids to get hurt by those sharp edges that most plastic tables inhibit. With our portable tables for kids, you are free of this worry. The super-smooth edges prevent any possible wounds or scratches.
Also, the dented edges prevent anything from falling off of the table. So, be sure everything is secure and safe on the table.

Easy to Clean
Cleaning any house product is probably an essential matter. Customer satisfaction being our priority, the tables have an easy to clean quality to them. Rub away all the dust with a duster, clean it with a piece of cloth, or wash it all together. The result will not disappoint you. Even the kids can do it.

Our Kiddy Book Tables are a perfect study buddy for any child at home. So, add this product to your cart now and thank us later.

Happy Shopping!


55 × 31 × 28 cm
Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow

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